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Guiding the Process.

Let us walk you through our comprehensive nine-step design-build process.

Starting the Process

Whether it’s finding the right lot or considering a teardown to rebuild new, we can help. Perhaps it is a discussion about a home renovation, addition or a house raise.

We start the custom home design process by taking into consideration the context of the location. ​

Whether urban or rural, we consider the views, the sunlight, the context of neighbours, your lifestyle and, of course, your budget.

Conversations with the lead project designer.

We’ll continue the initial design process to establish the main elements of your home and discuss your list of requirements.

We’ll explore exterior materials, interior finishing options and landscape. Each of these items play an important role in creating a beautiful and complete finished product.

We will have a conversation about the permit and build process, budgets and potential bumps in the road. We will also inform you about the expectations for the custom home design process, how we communicate, and other information you may need to navigate the permit process.

Bringing life to your dreams.

Our design services will lead you through the beginning ideas of what you may want, to the completion of a conceptual set of plans.

​Your drawings will consist of Preliminary Conceptual plans and elevations to help you see the ideas. Our 3D software will aid in ‘seeing’ the tricky parts of the house that may not be so ​easy to understand or visualize.

We do the hard work for you so you can see how the design is progressing.

Working Together
Working together.

​Our aim is to work together to get your project started and off the ground in a timely and productive fashion.

A good relationship and initial project coordination between the designer and builder greatly aids in keeping the project flowing so it’s on time and on budget.​

Construction approval to move ahead building.

We proceed with taking your approved concept plans, and draw out the final set of plans, details, specifications & structural notes to bring to the municipality. We also talk about including details to make your home more efficient and livable.

We collaborate with associates who assist in areas where municipalities have additional requirements (Arborists, Biologists; Electrical, Envelope, Acoustical or Geotechnical Engineers). ​We also bring interior design and landscape design to the table for a wholistic approach to your project. ​

Making your house into a home.

Selecting your finishes. Choosing your colours and materials for floors, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

Our team can help to guide you through the numerous tasks of paring down exciting choices of ​materials, colours, texture & overall feel. We are looking to make this as easy and painless an approach as we can. We can help to bring unity and elegance in the approach for your interior spaces.

The finished product should be one that reflects you.

Breaking Ground
Breaking ground.

The site works for your project will incorporate excavation, concrete forming and pouring. There may also be other items that will need to be addressed depending on the slope and condition of your site such as demolition blasting or hoe-ram work.

​We will let you know as we move through the custom home design process and into the site excavation what we can expect and what would be reasonable to look out for.

Building for thermal efficiency, health and comfort
Building for thermal efficiency, health and comfort.

Keeping your site clean, lining up our preferred trades, making it happen in a timely fashion, and continuing to walk you through the custom home design process step by step, is what you can expect. Not everything is ‘set in stone’, so occasionally we make design modifications along the way. The more we are on the same page, however, the easier we will understand one another and make this process smoother.

We understand that building is a significant event in your life and takes a lot of time and energy on your part, so we aim to make this as low stress process for you as we can.

Talk to us and take our advice.

We want you to enjoy the time during the design-build process, and once you are all moved in!

Grounding your house.

One of our goals with your project is to keep it unified. We want to make sure you are able to include a design for each component of your project. We offer integrated landscape design and consulting so you can enjoy your new dwelling as a complete home, right away.

We help to plan the best approach for your indoor-outdoor spaces that make sense for you, the house, and the site in which it’s nestled.