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Designing and Building a New Old House for First Time Home Builders

Big shout-out again to Boulevard Magazine for another wonderful article. This time, first-time home builders Emilie and Greg share their experience in looking for a custom home builder in North Saanich, BC, and why they decided to build with Villamar. You can read the complete article online.

Here are just a few highlights from the article.

“Building a home for the first time is often as exciting as it is stressful, not to mention fraught with a thousand and one decisions, but add in the challenge of doing it from an entirely different continent and time zone, and you have a whole new experience.

For homeowners Emilie and Greg, who spend half the year abroad in Sweden, choosing a builder for their North Saanich home was as much about trust as it was design and construction. When then spoke to the team at Villamar, it was an instant “yes”.

“Since it was our first time building, we had no idea what to expect,” says Emilie. “They made the process easy and enjoyable, and their team is so approachable and kind.”

“I wanted clean lines, and I wanted to keep it European-Scandi, but have it fit in the neighbourhood,” she adds. “Duane was really helpful and after spending a lot of time planning during the design phase we finally settled on something.”

Though it’s preferable to have clients’ eyes on the actual site, working long-distance isn’t a new occurrence for the team at Villamar. The company uses virtual tools like FaceTime, 3D imaging and screen-sharing software for face-to-face meetings and decisions. But they also find some unexpected solutions, including using a drone to demonstrate the height of the bedrooms on the second floor.

And what was the experience like, building their first home while living an ocean away?

“We trusted them,” Emilie says after a moment. “My husband can’t say enough about Villamar.”

Thanks for your kind words Emilie and Greg! We’re very happy you love your new home!

​Please read the complete article over at Boulevard Magazine.

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