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About Us

What we do as designers is build relationships with you.
We take time to get to know you and create spaces where you will want to live or work. Spaces you will enjoy.

We are all creatives, living in a created world.

We develop a style of architecture you feel good about living in and looking at, and craft you a home digitally that you want to live in. They call us innovators and inventors, and we work for you.

We design for the outside, we design for the inside, and we design for the in-between spaces as well. We are a team trained to help you tackle the gritty stuff to make your spaces work well.

We take care of all aspects of your house design. We have a team of associates with whom we collaborate for your project. Our extended team includes Surveyors, Engineers, Arborists and Biologists. We also work closely with Geotechs, Lawyers and Structural specialists to make sure your dreams come true. We plan to be on time and on budget – after all, we aim to walk away each time with a satisfied client and a great referral. It’s also what you want.

Our Award Winning Team is Here to Help.

Innovate Design is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

Innovate Design is a company that specializes in design packages for custom single-family homes and renovations to take you all the way to permit stage. Other architectural services that we offer include rezoning, development permits, board of variance applications, townhouse design, small building design, tenant improvement planning, site planning and interior design. We also regularly create 3D Renderings and Camera shots for our projects.

How much time do I need to commit, and when?

The initial meeting to view the site will help us to determine together what the scope of the project will be. From that point, we will typically schedule another meeting at our office to discuss in more detail other design considerations, such as general layout, non-negotiables, and style/finishes. If it’s a renovation, there will typically be a site measure where we send out a technician to measure your home. Once we develop the first draft concept, we can sit down together to massage the design, so you get exactly what you want.

What additional costs can I expect?

All third-party consultants are not included as part of our costs; however, we typically get preferred rates which we are happy to pass along to you. Consultants that we hire often are BC land surveyors, engineers, arborists, energy advisors. Other consultants we work with include architects, geotechnical engineers, landscape designers and biologists which all depend on the project. Either way, we will qualify which consultants we will need upon the initial site meeting. Other fees that are not included in our costs – large scale printing costs and municipal application fees and permit fees.

Do you charge for the initial consultation? What information can I give to help you to help with the initial consultation/design?

We charge a $150 for an initial on-site consultation in town, however we do not charge for an initial consultation at our office. Some items that help during the initial site consultation would be: a survey or site plan, house blueprints, a realtor’s floor plan and/or idea books from Houzz or Pinterest.

Do you ever design energy efficient homes?

Yes, following both BC Building Code and BC Energy Step Code we have an expertise in designing energy efficient homes. We obviously will meet the minimum BC standards, but like to talk with clients about exceeding these standards to make a much more efficient home. In addition to heating and cooling energy benefits, there may be other items that create more home comfort.

Do you provide your services for custom homes outside of Victoria, BC?

Yes! Past projects include locations such as the Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast, the Interior and other parts of BC and Canada, including California and Asia! We are well versed in building code and do many projects all over Vancouver Island, the Gulf islands and the interior of BC. Many of our clients work outside of Canada while building here, so connecting services such as Skype have been great ways of communicating face to face. We also have screen sharing programs for presenting plans to clients who are out of town.

Can you help for those who lost their home in a fire?

In these unfortunate circumstances, we are able to help. We have experience with helping clients negotiate with insurance companies after a disaster like a fire. We have drawn new designs as well as re-drawn existing plans, including any necessary engineering for the municipality.

What does the design process look like?

The design process consists of:

  1. The initial consultation
  2. Kick-off meeting
  3. Research & Concept Plan
  4. Making changes to Concept Plan
  5. Client sign-off
  6. Working drawings & Permit Set

Do I have to get involved with inspections/permit/development services?

You don’t have to be involved as we will take care of all the services for you.

How long has your company been in business?

Since 2016, Innovate Design specializes in construction, design, working with municipalities, creating subdivision & rezoning plans, and more.

Will you help me find a contractor to build this project?

Our design collective has worked with multiple construction teams; If you don’t have a building team, we are often able to recommend a reputable builder, including projects in your area.

Innovate Design Collective works with a variety of local builders on many different projects on the Islands & on the Mainland.

What makes Innovate Design different than other home design firms?

Innovate Design is committed to honesty and integrity to our clients. Our transparency and communication sets us apart from other firms.  We love problem-solving and custom contemporary design, especially using energy-efficient design tactics and biophilic elements for peaceful and holistic living.

We have had great relationships with many of the planning departments in our local municipalities, and our aim is for you have the best house for you.

Your best home may include Firesmart targets, increased energy efficiency and biophilic design elements to complete the home in a positive, long-reaching way. A way that continues to give you peace and comfort and privacy as you live and engage with the world around you.

Give us a call and we can describe some of these and other benefits to you.